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» Disaster needs a moment of carelessness.
» The Zeitgeist Movement on YouTube.
» Music One, a really nice online radio. Click here to tune in. 
» KhanAcademy.org - on TED, @Google
» Synergy - share your mouse and keyboard between multiple computers. I love it!
» SSDs are nice. Really.
» Are you a StarCraft2 fan? Watch these guys commentating games: HuskyHDStarcraftday[9].
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. /me likes him a lot. «
You'll need some commitment to play this. It's not really a casual game:-) «
My bro's sites, check out the nice pictures he took - szabiart.net, szabi.me, and a fansite for Dream Theater fans «
Found this really easy to use RSS feed creator «
 World IPv6 Launch Day on June 6th, 2012. Are you ready? Test your IPv6 readyness here«
 An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25 (or $35). raspberrypi.org (wiki). «